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What is difference between TIG and MIG welding?

What is difference between TIG and MIG welding?

What is difference between TIG and MIG welding. Welding is a process to fuse two materials using filler (with high melting point) by application of heat or pressure. There two kinds of welding processes: Fusion welding processes and solid phase processes.

Fusing Welding Process: In this process the two materials to be joined are first cleaned and then are welded by the application of heat with protection from oxidation. Arc welding, Oxy Acetylene welding, Metal Inert gas(MIG) or Gas metal Arc welding(GMAW), Flux Cored Arc Welding(FCAW), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding(GTAW),Electronic Beam Welding(EBW) comes under the Fusion Welding processes.

Solid phase welding: It is mostly used to join ax symmetric components in different types of steel. The metals do not melt but friction produces the heat. Friction Welding comes under this category.

Once we are done with the welding process we must proceed further to know the difference between the TIG and MIG welding.

First of all we must know clearly what is MIG and TIG welding. Both the services come under Fusion Welding.

MIG welding or GMAW: Electric arc is introduced between the metals to be welded and the consumable wire electrode fed through gun also act as a filler metal at the same time as Inert gas to establish a weld. MIG uses a controlled spool of filler metal. The joints formed are strong, ductile and resistive to corrosion. Welded metal cannot be distorted easily.

TIG Welding or GTAW: In TIG welding, a tungsten electrode heat the metal to be weld and gas (most typically Argon) protects the weld from airborne contaminants.

Difference between TIG and MIG welding

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MIG welding


1 It is more complicated It is simple and easy to learn.
2 Long welding rods are used and feed them in to the weld puddle A continues feeding wire is used in MIG welding.
3 It is used to weld non-ferrous metals and iron alloys. It is used to join thinner materials
4 Due to the use of tungsten , contamination is negligible and high quality weld is produced. Irregular wire feedback and burn back are produced so it is produces low quality weld in comparison to TIG welds
5 No spark or fumes are produced during weldingĀ  and are clearer than MIG welding. Mire spark, fumes and smoke is produced during MIG welding
5 The weld are more expensive and time consuming The weld are less expensive and less time consuming than TIG welding.
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What is difference between TIG and MIG welding?
What is difference between TIG and MIG welding? Welding is a process to fuse two materials using filler (with high melting point) by application of heat
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