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Welding information

Welding information

Welding information, Welding is a materials joining process in which two or more parts are coalesced at their contacting planes by an appropriate application of heat and/or pressure. Many welding processes are accomplished by heat alone, with zero pressure applied, another by a conjunction of heat and pressure and still some by pressure alone, with no external heat supplied. A filler material is put in some welding process to facilitate coalescence. Filler metal is often added to the joint to form a pool of molten material that cools to form a joint that can be as strong as the base material. The assemblage of parts that are joined by welding is called a weldment. Welding is usually performed on parts made of the similar metal, but some welding process can be used to join dissimilar metals.

Welding is more associated with metal parts but the process is also used to join plastics and thermoplastics .Welding is most effective and economical way to join materials.  Many different energy sources can be used for welding such as a gas flame, an electric arc, a laser, an electron beam or friction. It can be performed in different environment like indoor, outdoor, under water and in outer space There are some welding process in which metal do not melt, like friction welding and shielded active gas welding.

Benefits of welding

  • It provides a permanent joint. The welded part became a single entity.
  • Filler metal made the joint stronger and strengthen the properties than the parent material.
  • It is the most economical way to join elements in terms of material use and fabrication price.
  • It is not restricted to the factory environment. It can be accomplish in the field as well.

Welding has some limitations too like:

  • Most welding operations are hand operated and are high priced in terms of labor cost. Many welding operations are considered ‘‘skilled trades,’’ and there is shortage of labor to perform such tasks.
  • Most welding processes are hazardous as, this involves the use of high energy
  • Since welding attains a permanent bond between the materials, it does not allow for easy
  • The welded joint can have some quality defects which are difficult to detect. The strength of the joint can be reduce with the neglected joint.

Welding is most economical and efficient way to join materials from metals to thermoplastics. Welding is used in almost all types of industries. Our 60 % gross national World materials are welded. It is need of an hour.

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