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Types of Welding Processes – to simplify welding

Types of Welding Processes – to simplify welding – Part 1

​​​Till now we have learned a lot about welding, welding certification and few more things. Let’s take a step ahead and learn about the foremost types of welding processes – to simplify welding

There are arrays of welding processes and bifurcating all of them may not be feasible.  Let’s pick up the most common and important welding processes which are highly used. Generally there are four welding processes which are highly used

  1. Stick welding
  2. MIG welding
  3. TIG welding
  4. Flux Cored Arc Welding


  1. Stick welding process – also commonly known as “Shielded Metal Arc Welding” with an abbreviation of “SMAW”. This process is used to weld steel and stainless steel with a technique which produces constant amperage to create an arc. ​A stick welder uses a rod, or electrode. This technique involves the outside made up of metal with a flux coating ​which is helpful in protecting ​ the weld area from the air ​during the time the rod is burning. SMAW ​ is considered to be the cheapest way of working with metals and the best way to join different elements and thus is taught in majority of schools.
  2. MIG welding process -is an abbreviation for “Metal Inert Gas” and is also known as a semi-automatic welding process. ​The welders use this technique mainly due to the reason of its ease of use. ​This kind of welding is typically used in automotive units, huge manufacturing factories and fabrication shops.​​ ​During the process a wire feed is connected to a voltage power supply which creates the arc to melt the wire. MIG gun is used these days, the gun has a trigger which on squeeze, commences the metal joining process​which is actually a semi- automatic welding process. So get and MIG equipment installed and let the things flow like a cool breeze.

We will continue with the detailing of other processes in Part 2.

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