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Skills required by an underwater welder

Skills required by an underwater welder

Skills required by an underwater welder, In this article we will look at the skills which are required by the underwater welder and talk about  what an ambitious  underwater welder should do in order to pursue their career path. As prerequisites for how to be an underwater welder, welder-divers must have certification and skill in three areas:

  • Surface welding
  • Commercial diving
  • Underwater welding

If you think becoming an underwater welder is right for you, these are minimum technical requirements that you must have a high school diploma or GED, Ability to swim, mechanical aptitude, commercial diving certificate and AWS certified welding Training.  But if you have spent time in professional workplace, experience is king. Experience starts with training under a mentor and earning certifications. A welder must know some special skills for under water welding.

  • Underwater cutting , construction , photography work
  • Drafting
  • Inspection and non destructive testing
  • Fitting and rigging
  • Apart from it, welder must be efficient in communication and can work effectively with the rest of the team.
  • They must have the ability to manage heavy apparatus when performing in a hazardous work domain.

There are two options to choose offshore commercial diving and other is inland diving. Offshore commercial diving will require different certification than inland diving. So, you have to decide which suits you best. For offshore options, inspect for a school which  provides  Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diving certification to enhance your employment options. If you’re looking for more inland jobs , get in touch  with local business owners who work in this field like waterways or other freshwater work etc. If you’ve just been hired and know you’ll work as a young, expect the most demand and the crush jobs.

One other important factor is the diving environment. Your project environment may have waves of difficult tasks totally out of your control such as   less visibility, chilling temperature, high wave currents.

  • Zero degree visibility
  • Freezing temperatures
  • High wave currents

Each of these factors must be taken into account by your employer or contractor. If you’re watching for handsome salary on two different wet welding projects, you might go for the one with less visibility, closed-off environment and more challenging weld. No day looks the same for underwater welders. The sky or deep under water is the limit here.

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