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How to become a welding engineer?

How to become a welding engineer?

How to become a welding engineer. Every trade demands engineers in their fields and employer peeps with his or her eagle’s to get that engineers. When it comes to welding industry, welding engineer plays a vital role in the growth of the industry. Here, we will look at the milestones to become a welding engineer.

Step 1: First of all a bachelor’s degree in welding or material engineering is must to become a welding engineer. Degree provides the in depth knowledge of all the important subjects related to welding .So, your first step will be to  join a college   approved by ABET to get that specific degree. This will be beneficial for you to attend internship programs. This will help in employment, decision to choose welding process of your interest, future prospects.

Step 2: Choose a specific welding process and do   mastery in that specific field. You can choose according to your interest or future prospective.  It is well said Jack of all is master of none…….. So you have to become a master not a jack. Make yourself specialist in particular area. There are many fields in which specialization can be attained like construction, aerospace machinery and many more……. Practical knowledge is very important as a welder, be strong in doing all kinds of welds in all welding positions.

Step 3 : Start gaining experience as welding engineer by joining a company as fresher. Have patience, you will be paid less in starting but with experience it’s going to increase incredibly.  With four years of experience, welding engineer is eligible to appear in exam for PE (professional Engineer). This will add a new feather to your cap. Now, this time join a professional organization. It will be beneficial for you to provide technical advancement and latest awareness through seminars and online programs. You can continue with PO for your whole career to accelerate your career graph.

Step 4: Now you have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college with 4 years of experience.  Earn license as PE (professional Engineer).  With this you will be a professional welding engineer. Even you can think to have a certification to be a certified welding engineer (CWS).  Many career opportunities will come up with certification. This will be your final step. Certified welding inspector is also a good career option.

So, this is how you can make your career graph in welding engineering. Your success graph is very much depends upon your own caliber, confidence, career consciousness, self motivation and be prepared as Great career is waiting for you. All the best for future. More and more certification will add more feathers to your cap, making you more in demand.


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How to become a welding engineer?
How to become a welding engineer. Every trade demands engineers in their fields and employer peeps with his or her eagle’s to get that engineers.
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