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How much do welding jobs pay?

How much do welding jobs pay?

How much do welding jobs pay? As welding career is increasing smoothly form the past few years and expected to grow like the same. The pay scale of a welder depends upon the number of factors like, the type of industry, location, work experience and level of certification and many more. Large projects of manufacturing and construction create short term demand for the welders at some particular locations; often pay high than average pay.  So, willing welders enjoy greater employability and income by working in such kinds of projects.

The first factor is the type of industries. The highest paying employers are Electrical and gas utilities generally pay a welder around $ 60,000 and $59,000 respectively.  For maintenance and repair Pro Sports employees less welders with average pay of $67,000. Construction and manufacturing sectors higher huge welders and pay between $ 35,000 to $ 38,000.

Another factor is location. Alaska, pays the highest to welders approximately $68,000. Other highest paying locations are Hawaii, Nevada, and Columbia, Wyoming. Welding jobs that pay around $42,000 to $68,000 are located in East coast.

Another important factor is the level of the certification of the welder. Some welders get certification which shows the achievement of certain level of skills in their trade and demonstrate their abilities.   It leads to a high remuneration for welders. The certificate is valid for one year and if you work in the same type of welding, it renewed automatically.

.Then comes the experience. It is obvious that experienced will get the higher salaries as compared to fresher.  An Entry Level welder gets approx $12 to $15 per hour. With experience they are expected to be $18. With more experience the wages increases.

A welder starting salary depends on the type of welding career. However, at the low end, welders can currently expect to make about $15 an hour but it can be less than $ 15 in some regions and the type of work. After mulling, welders must expect to rise from $15 an hour to about $18 an hour or above according to their perfection and experience.

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