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How to Get High paying welding jobs ?

High paying jobs in welding 

Welding are getting equal or much more salaries than a doctor, lawyer or any other profession. But it depends upon the type of welder. Underwater welding, Industrial pipe welder, military support welders are highest paying welders. . Military support welders, army welders are in great demand. Their task is to take care of military related instrumentation, transportation, gadget utilized in combat. Their job is risky as they are stationed at camps to compensate they are paid lots. The minimum annual wages of military support welder is  $ 160,000. If I talk about the underwater welders, only commercial diver does the underwater welding, as for this, welder must have the diver certificate and the specialized certification. Once you’ve completed your commercial diving training, you’ll have two choices either to choose offshore or inland. Mostly underwater welders around the North Sea often find jobs inland first, and then they may go offshore later on. Welder divers usually start as tenders, so prepare for heavier, laborious jobs for the first 1 – 2 years to gain experience.   The average underwater welder’s salary is $58,640 a year.  The highest paid underwater welder’s salary was $90,000 a year (approximately $44/hour). Welding or repairing is to be done, all in diving gear. A more welding means more challenging work.  You will be tasked to weld pipes in oil drilling station, seal leakage in gas exploration. Most underwater welders receive the pay by the hour or project. Similar to most jobs in the manpower market, welder divers see an salary increase in underwater welding, constantly raising  them up after many  years of laborious  work. But trade diving pays handsomely as compared to most desk jobs.

Industrial pip welder , Pipe welders are scarce, due to shortage they are highly paid. A good pipe welder can make $100,000 a year. You don’t need to have a college degree to make that sort of money if you are just hoping  to absorb how to weld pipe in welding school and work for it. Pipe welders can work both indoors and outdoors depending on the needs of their company, and they usually work during day hours. These jobs may be part time or full time and overtime may be required depending on the needs of the business. Pipe welders may be hired by a vast range of industries  which deals in laying, maintaining, and repairing pipes. Mostly , these personal  work with their supervisors, their coworkers, their clients, and individuals representing clients on a regular basis  Jobs4welding  –the leader in recruiting extremely skillful welders is here to assist you discover high paying welding jobs that you are looking for.

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  1. Lucas says:

    SIngapore runs on the system of qtituany not quality . Instead of having less better qualified and motivated workers , it uses cheap unqualified labour from other countries. The standard of work and remuneration has never been lower. And the so called green country with ideas has’nt had a new idea in the last 20 years . And the education system is still using prehistoric ideas concerning actual education and measuring educational levels . The system is not producing the people needed for the country , even with the necesssary social education. Singapore is on the decline

  2. Brad says:

    Does anyone actually know how to become a military support welder??? I can’t find any info on it

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