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Essential Skill requirement for Welder

Essential Skill requirement for Welder

Essential Skill requirement for Welder Giving shape and joining pieces of steel, aluminum or other materials by supplying intense heat is done by skilled technical workers known as welder. Even they have the skill to fill holes in metals and repair cracks.  The requirement of a welder is to maintain the welding equipment and welding related tasks. Here, we are talking about essential skills needed by a welder.

First comes the Basic Education: Welding education demand vary from one employer to another employer. Some employers need welders to have a high school diploma and want  completion of employer based welding tests. Other employers gaze for a certificate or undergraduate degree from a technical school, a vocational school or a college. Welders may also learn talent  through welding apprenticeships. Welding education programs may come to finale  in a Welding Certificate of Achievement, Associate of Science in Welding or Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering. Formal education program can be completed in a few weeks to a few years time span.

Second comes the personality type : Welding is quality work, so a detail oriented approach is important. The capacity to analyze and problem solving is needed to recognize and repair defects in work performed. Good hand-to-eye coordination and vision also required to do welding. As welding is a time consuming work so patience, strength and stamina is also very important to have in a welder.  Even manual dexterity, communication skills are also required for this profession.

Then comes the training part: one can become  welder by attaining training from  community colleges, vocational schools and private welding schools. Some employers favor to employee people who have already completed a formal training program. One can do the short term training (few weeks )or  long term training ( in years ). The duration of training based on the degree of skill demanded for a specific job or specialty.

Last but not the least is the certification: On successful completion of the  training, a  degree or diploma is being awarded . Employers also may demand that you earn one or more welding certifications. General certifications and in specialties can be owned through the American Welding Society.


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