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Different Careers in Welding

Different Careers in Welding

All career needs planning, preparation and pursuing a job you love. Welding is one of the best career options, as it describes different opportunities. It is important to look out the necessary education and certifications, if pursuing a career as welder.  Different skilled Welders are in demands in almost all kinds of industries all over the world. Military, Aircraft & Aerospace, building constructions, Automotive industries, Bridge/ highway constructions, Ship building industry, University and schools, Boiler industries, Medical industries, Mining industry, Robotic & computer industries, Farming manufacturing industry, consumer Electronics are most common industries to demand welders.

There are many kinds of welder jobs  are in demand such as , welders, welding Engineers, robotic technicians, Welding technicians, structural iron workers, sheet metal workers, Underwater welders, Welding educators, Welding Inspectors, pipe fitter, Boilermaker and many more. Some of the most common and highest paying domestic welding jobs include : Pipeline fitter, Structural Welder, Pipe Fitter, Boiler Welder and Aerospace Welder. Pipeline Fabrication and repair jobs are growing and paying high in North America due to demand for oil and other fossil fuels. Additionally the following outstanding hard and demanding jobs are Underwater Welders and Oil Rig Welders.

Each fields requires specialized certification. Due  to shortage of skilled workers, salaries are on rise. According to your interest, you can pursue in a specific field like :

  • If you enjoy building things, try your hand at welding skyscrapers in construction industry
  • Are you a great diver , go for Underwater Welding
  • Enjoy working on cars, why not build them as a welder in Automotive industry
  • Good at maths and science, Welding engineering and technology may be right for you.
  • Want to travel, Welding Inspection can takes you places.
  • Are you an artist at heart, get creative with metal sculpturing.
  • Enjoy working on planes, construct them in aerospace industry.
  • Want to own your own business, Open the doors to your own welding repair and job shop.

Skilled welders have experience using multiple welding machines including the arc welder, Tungsten inert gas welder and metal inert gas welder. Skilled welders are found in automotive, construction and aerospace industries.

Unskilled welders mostly do repetition of work which requires less or no particular skill, such as work on assembly lines. Unskilled welding jobs can be found in building, manufacturing and metal industries. Due to the type of the work and the units where welding is employed, a welding career can be dangerous.

Not every welder wants to be stuck on  a job for rest of his career. Intact there are some excellent welding career options beyond traditional, hands on welding positions. Common fields like teaching welding, quality control, welding inspection, shift managers and equipment sales and consulting are excellent long term options. In order to move into above said welding career options, welders will need to go for additional qualification, certifications, and trainings. Perhaps they’ll need to learn how to handle projects or join extra evening classes related to  teaching or welding inspection.

Whether moving to automated welding or welding instruction, welders have strong perks to improve their welding competence and to smartly plan their future career options.



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