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7 Steps to Become an underwater welder ?

Requirements to become an underwater welder

7 Steps to Become an underwater welder? First requirement for underwater welder is commercial diving course before this you must visit a doctor to get medically cleared for diving. This is a physical examination to look for any disabilities. After getting a green signal from the doctor the second step is to apply and complete a commercial diving course, as an underwater welder must be commercial dive certified. The required qualification for underwater welder is completion of the underwater welding special training program offered exclusively by the commercial Diving Academy.  There are two methods  to be an underwater welder either complete a highly specialized program through the Commercial Diving Academy or boldly  be certified as both a commercial diver and a skilled welder. Then you are eligible to apply for job at commercial diving school which offers welding services.

Diver tender and apprentice diver are the entry level job in the category of underwater welding.  If you are a certified “scuba diver,” then attend a commercial diving school to train on the safe use of commercial diving equipment. The commercial diving company will work with you to obtain sufficient talent in wet or dry or both wet and dry underwater welding to pass qualification tests in accordance with ANSI/AWS D3.6, Specification for Underwater Welding. The time duration for moving from diver tender to qualified underwater welder depends on the position of support and policies mentioned  by the commercial diving company.

There are no age limits for this occupation, but underwater welders must have good health conditions. Many companies require that they pass physical exams. All underwater welders are required to update their certifications, which require periodic examinations.

Underwater welders must be a certified diver commercially and must be a certified welder.  Certifications can include:

  • certificate of welding
  • certificate of diving
  • ASNT Level II or CSWIP ultrasonic certificate





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